EDWARD LAU, WONG & LOU (ELW Lawyers) were founded in 2008. In the early years, ELW Lawyers served mainly private clients providing legal supports in various civil and criminal litigations, wills and probates, estate administrations and property conveyancing.

Clients grow and prosper. Following the needs of clients, ELW Lawyers have undertaken a series of transformations since 2013. Thanks to the devotions of all members of ELW Lawyers, the firm grow into the present form and provide professional legal supports in more diversified practices including commercial, corporate finance, insolvency, company restructuring, company formation and secretarial matters, intellectual property related matter, notary and China attestation, trust, tax planning and asset protection.

ELW Lawyers are growing with clients and their clientele now extends to multinational corporations, financial institutions, listed companies and other professionals, both local and overseas. The firm thrive to provide excel professional services to clients but without forgetting humanity, a key value of our society. ELW lawyers work closely with clients. We listen to them, think with their best interests in mind, and offer them tailor made legal solutions.

ELW Lawyers made one step forward in 2017 in relocating its office to the heart of Central, Hong Kong with vivid and modern office design to reflect their vibrancy.



2008   ELW was founded by 3 founding partners.
The firm’s practice areas were focused in Civil and Criminal
Litigations, Property Conveyancing, Wills and Probates.
2012   ELW was awarded by Home Affairs Bureau's Recognition Scheme for Provisional of Pro Bono Legal Services.
2013   ELW expanded its practice areas to Commercial Transactions,
Corporate Finance, Commercial Litigations, Insolvency,
Corporate Rescue, Notary Public and China Appointed Attestation,
Trusts, and Company Secretarial Services.
2015   ELW strengthened the Company Secretarial Services team
to serve the growing numbers of companies.
2016   ELW was awarded as Family-Friendly Employer by
the Family Council and further expanded its practice
in Tax Planning.
2017   ELW relocated its office to the heart of Central occupying
the whole floor for the growing number of members.