Documents, matters and acts of Hong Kong needed to be used in Mainland China require attestation, certification or witnessing by a China-appointed attesting officer. In ELW, we have lawyers who are China-appointed attesting officers appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Justice, team up with other departments of our firm, including many Putonghua speakers, to formulating constructive solutions having regard to all the circumstances of the cases, to ensure that clients are provided with a one-step service.

Our China-Appointed Attesting Officer provides attestation of legal documents for use in the Mainland China, covering both domestic affairs and commercial transactions.


Our lawyers are experienced in advising on:

  • Declaration in support of an application of relatives for family reunion in Hong Kong
  • Declaration in respect of Inheritance (Renunciation of Inheritance)
  • Declaration in respect of Application for Marriage Registration
  • Declaration in respect of the Adoption of Children
  • Declaration in respect of Mainland Chinese financial condition for overseas study
  • Power of Attorney and Deed of Gift
  • Incorporation status
  • CEPA Certification: application for CEPA service provider certificate (under Annex 5)
  • Certificate in respect of Authorization in respect of a company
  • Certificate in respect of Company's Particulars
  • Certificate in respect of Company's Board Resolutions
  • Certificate in respect of Hong Kong Service Supplier
  • Certificate in respect of retaining legal representation in the Mainland for court appearance
  • Appointing lawyers or legal representatives to conduct legal or other lawful proceedings
  • Appointing an agent or attorney for sale or purchase of properties
  • Certifying corporate particulars or personalities of Hong Kong companies
  • Business registration particulars
  • Directors’ and/or shareholders’ resolutions
  • Various notarization services in relation to documents to be used overseas