We understand that clients have different needs depending on their personal circumstances. In ELW, we manage clients’ special needs in ways that best serve their interests by providing practical and commercial advice with discretion and sensitivity to clients’ needs and preferences.

Our highly-regarded lawyers possess a unique concentration of expertise in acting for trustees, beneficiaries, settlors and protectors on all manner of trust and foundation services to high net worth individuals, families, and fiduciary companies. We advise clients regularly on achieving the most effective solution to fit their objectives, including guiding them to the most suitable jurisdiction. Our close relationship with clients help to engineer options to reach desired outcomes by way of an agreed manner.

As wealth planning becomes increasingly global, we have developed services to offer clients choices and flexibility. We establish international network of overseas professional services providers, including offshore law firms, accountants and tax advisers who are easily accessible by our lawyers ensuring clients receive comprehensive advice that is tailored to their circumstances.


Our lawyers are experienced in advising on:

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Trustees and Protectors
  • Trust Deeds and related Documents
  • Establishment of Trusts
  • Administration of Trust Assets
  • Assets Restructure
  • Assets Protection
  • Assets Preservation in Special Circumstances
  • Local and International Estate Planning
  • Preparation of Wills
  • Private, Charitable and Commercial Trusts and Foundations
  • Appointment of Committees or Guardians under the Mental Health Ordinance
  • Administration of Patients' Estates
  • Actions against Improper Administration of Estates
  • Actions against Trustees for Breach of Trust
  • Resolution of Disputes among Beneficiaries and Trustees
  • Applications to Court for Directions

Our experience:

  • Advising a trustee in relation to remove its co-trustee as trustee
  • Assisting in creating a family’s own trust company to build family unity, empower future generations, and bring efficiency to the administration of family trusts
  • Advising on all aspects of trust law, including the establishment, restricting and winding up of private, charitable and commercial trusts and foundations
  • Advising on the formation and administration of trusts and foundations for private wealth purposes
  • Advising on the formation and administration of commercial trusts and foundations, including those connected with leasing and structured finance transactions
  • Assisting trust structures in some of the most well-regulated and highly regarded offshore jurisdictions including Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey